From the Set of Gossip Girl: An Illicit Kiss!

Photo: Getty Images

Once again, Getty Images has treated us with some on-set shots from the filming of Gossip Girl, and this time around we’re treated to a plot spoiler so hot it was only broadly hinted at in the teaser for the coming season. Serena is kissing a boy, and it’s not Dan! But she and Dan still appear to be sad friends. And Blair is still wearing yellow.

There are also shots of Blake Lively being her real self, practicing lines with Leigton Meester, and playing with her maltipoo. All of which is cute but doesn’t really tell us much about what we want to know, which is what is going to happen when they all go to college?! So for your sake, we’ve invented our own episode story line to go with the images. See if you agree that this could be a real plotline.