Great Moments in Headline Juxtaposition


Great news: Subway trains are breaking down less frequently because of newer cars and a stepped-up maintenance schedule. That’s swell. Of course, there’s always a trade-off. New cars cost money; maintenance costs money. And as we all know, the MTA isn’t exactly flush with cash these days. That may explain why young children are now being trained to operate these massive, high-speed machines. Give kids $2 an hour, and they’ll think they hit the jackpot. Sure, maybe they’ll crash a train now and then — they can barely see over the controls, after all — but at least we’ll have fewer of those random hot cars with broken air-conditioning and that one lazy guy who doesn’t mind sweating as long as he has a seat.

Rider claims he saw child’s play at wheel of his uptown train

NYC subway cars gain in reliability, travel 185,000 miles between malfunctions — study