Hank Greenberg Thought He Could ‘Walk Through Raindrops,’ Says Lawyer


Hank Greenberg is a big fat liar, and also a jerk, lawyers representing AIG said of the company’s former chairman and chief executive in the last day of a trial over whether Greenberg’s private company looted $4.3 billion set aside in a trust for AIG compensation. “He fabricated evidence,” lawyer Ted Wells told the jury in his closing arguments: “He lied from the witness stand. What he told you is not credible evidence. Mr. Greenberg gave you false testimony repeatedly.” He added that Greenberg displayed an “audacity of arrogance” and an attitude “that I can walk through the raindrops … These aren’t small lies,” Wells said. “These are big lies. There’s a certain arrogance, almost as if I can say anything.” [Bloomberg]