Hillary Told Obama to Grow a Pair on Iran


Republican senators weren’t the only ones displeased with President Obama’s cautious initial approach to the crisis in Iran. Behind the scenes, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was also urging her boss to “toughen his language on Iran” for two days before he actually did so. Hillary had initially agreed with Obama’s tone, but when she saw the infamous video of Neda Agha-Soltan’s death, she decided it was time to take the rhetoric up a notch. When Obama did finally express outrage at the violent government crackdown, on June 23, he neglected to give the State Department a heads-up in advance, though he had sent them the language he would use if he did at some point decide to change his tone. So really, this episode doesn’t tell us all that much. Obama received advice from a Cabinet member, which he may or may not have listened to. He consulted State on his harsher rhetoric, but didn’t alert them to the exact timing of the change. Basically, if this wasn’t part of the supposedly fascinating Hillary-Obama saga, nobody would be talking about it.

Clinton urged Obama to talk tough on Iran [Washington Times]