In Argentina, Laid-Off Bankers Can Be Superheroes Again


After the indignity of of being laid off from their high-paying jobs as masters of the universe, many bankers are flocking to Argentina, where a favorable exchange rate and low-cost recreational drugs set the bar for superhero status relatively low. However, some of these underemployed gents seem to be taking their identities a little too seriously:

Mat and his crew — which included two Aussie i-bankers, Duncan and Dan — took the games to a new level with the "­Olympics," which involved various Herculean feats with girls at bars: remove an item of her clothing in a bar; make out with a girl without uttering a word, in a bar. Others, who shall remain nameless, assumed superhero identities: Batman would point a flashlight at a lucky lady, illuminating her shadow against the wall before the romance ensued; Spider-Man would jerk off in his hand and cast out his progeny in a fashion similar to the way his namesake unleashes his web.

We'd say they sound like they're regressing, but that would imply there was a bit previously where they'd grown up.

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