Insane Health-Care Flow Chart Is Perhaps Not That Bad, Actually


On the same day that President Obama praised the efforts of Congress for its ongoing efforts on health-care reform, the office of Republican Senate Minority leader John Boehner has released this flow chart of the House’s plan, which, if you look at it, will immediately give you a migraine. “All those arrows, boxes, and colors. This is out of control,” you might think. That may or may not be true, we can’t really tell. But, for what it’s worth, health-care wonk Ezra Klein is hardly fazed. “Consumers will have to purchase health-care coverage and will be given financial help to make sure they can afford it,” he writes in his analysis of the diagram. “It’s about as creepy as your mom telling you to eat lunch and handing you a crumpled $5 before you board the bus in the morning.” [Ezra Klein/WP]