Introducing the Snoggie


Actually, though it should be called the Snoggie, or at least the Snuppy, the Snuggie for dogs is just called the “Snuggie for Dogs™,” which in addition to being uncreative leaves the door open for competitors to gobble up the market share with a Slanket-like imitation that is just as cute but has a cuter name. But really, how can we quibble (kibble?) with the genius that is this product? Also, think how hilarious it would be to put another kind of animal in it, like a kitten, or a piglet. Or something more exotic 

The Montauk Monster, en Snuggie. Photo-illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: Courtesy of Alanna Nevitski, Snuggie

Snuggie For Dogs [Official site via Gawker]
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