Is This Beheading of a Novelty Statue of Liberty Something to Get Upset About?


This video of a blindfolded plaster Statue of Liberty replica getting its head sawed off has been all over the news this morning, and has been spreading virally for a couple of days. The novelty statue was taken last month from in front of the Vox Pop coffee shop in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. On July 4 the video, which also features the pixelated slogans “We Don’t Want Your Freedom” and “Death to America,” popped up on YouTube. Since then it’s caused something of a fuss. On the one hand, it’s a gruesome reminder of some tragic events involving kidnapped Americans that nobody wants to relive. On the other hand, it’s most likely just a childish prank, and it would seem absurd to connect it to any sort of larger threat. What do you guys think? Is this worth getting upset about?