Kelli From NYC Prep Wins Best in Show at Dog Pageant


At the Paws for Style Fashion Show (yes, that’s a thing), we were delighted to have our first opportunity to interview one of the cast members of NYC Prep. After all, we’ve been writing about it for months. Apparently, though, to young Kelli, that kind of attention is, well, underappreciated. Hearing we were from New York, she rolled her eyes. “New York magazine just hasn’t said very nice things about us,” her publicist said. Which isn’t true! We totally said she was “kind of talented at singing” in our last episode recap. Anyway, Keith Lissner, the designer who created Kelli’s outfit and a matching one for his dog, Dorothy, was much friendlier. “I named her Dorothy to honor my grandmother,” he explained. “[She’s wearing] a Keith Lissner gown encrusted with Swarovski crystals.” Then, just as quickly as she had brushed us off, Kelli bounced back in to interrupt. “Somebody just told me I was best dressed!” she squeaked. Lissner gave her a withering glance and then put on a sweet smile. “And Kelli just won best in show.”