Kelly Killoren Bensimon Wants to Put Pocahontas Into the Disco


When bloggers from W sat down to chat with Kelly Killoren Bensimon about the new jewelry items in her Kelly Collection, they probably thought they'd get their best material with questions about The Real Housewives of New York, the show on which the former model made a big splash this year. But it was, surprisingly, the more innocuous questions that got the best responses beamed back from Planet Kelly. For example:

What inspired you for this collection?

I love Navajo and I love the idea of taking Pocahontas out of the kayak and putting her into the disco. Everyone knows that she's had enough in her little canoe and now she's out and having fun in the disco. It's the idea that it's Navajo, but also it's pavé and really, pavé that's my forte. I love bling. I love understated flashy.

Beyond the fact that Pocahontas was actually living a continent away from the Navajo, what on earth would possess a businesswoman to describe her product as "taking Pocahontas out of the kayak and putting her into the disco" in the first place? Because the phrases "getting Hiawatha high," "putting sequins on Squanto," and "tricking out Tecumseh" didn't really have the right rings to them, obviously. That's so Kelly!

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