Marie Douglas-David May Settle for Less Than $99 Million


The other day in court, George David — the United Technologies CEO whose 37-year-old wife is suing him for $99 million because the $43 million she agreed to in a post-nuptial agreement does not cover the cost of fresh-cut flowers, etc. — told the Post that he was willing to suffer the embarrassing revelations that have come out about his sex life, his lingerie preferences, and his usage of the company jet because “We always learn and grow through life’s experiences.” Also, presumably, he wanted to hang on to his $99 million, since it’s almost a third of his net worth. But it seems the old man may finally have had enough. Today’s installment of the Douglas-David Divorce Spectacular has been called off, as the two sides are reportedly trying to negotiate a settlement.

Frankly, this makes us extremely cross. A rapprochement between these two crazy people will mean an end to their public airing of dirty laundry, which means we’ll be left with a story of greed, entitlement, and old sex only half told. We still don’t know how they met, or what his mistress thinks, or any of the details about her affair with a professional fencer! What we’re saying is: What about us? If this ends, what are we supposed to do all summer, content ourselves with NYC Prep? To paraphrase Whitney Houston: That’s not right, and it’s not okay. Any legal professionals who want to make their mark with a groundbreaking case should get in touch and we’ll get Davids v. Tabloid-Reading Public going.

David Divorce Case May Be Headed Toward A Settlement [Hartford Courant]