Marion Barry Busted for Stalking


The former Washington, D.C., mayor who was busted during his third term by the FBI for smoking crack cocaine in a hotel room (and who, after serving six months in jail, went on to a fourth term), has had another run-in with the law. Over the weekend he was arrested for allegedly stalking a female acquaintance in Anacostia Park in the District. Barry is now a member of the D.C. City Council, where he most recently made headlines for changing his vote on whether to recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere, because he didn’t know what he was voting on. The woman he is accused of stalking has made the allegations before, and according to a rep for Barry, actually had lunch with him that day.

Sorry, we know this isn’t local politics, but sometimes it’s just nice to remember that other places also repeatedly and willfully choose to be governed by clowns.

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