Michelle Trachtenberg Has a Problem We Didn’t Even Know Existed


Once upon a time, like last year, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr told us that early in her career, a too-bright flash from a camera had physically burned her eyes, causing her eyeballs to blister up disgustingly like a couple of zepole, and forcing her to stay home and bumble around in an eye mask for days. That was when we realized: Famous and beautiful people have problems, too, problems the rest of us don’t even know exist!

Today, the actress best known as Georgina Sparks listed several unusual grievances as part of her BlackBook Black List:

• Paparazzi during the holidays: “No mom, that shopping bag I’m carrying from your favorite store has nothing to do with you. That was a decoy bag to throw you off the scent.”
• People who come up to me and say, ’“Wow! You are so much prettier in real life!’ Newsflash: This is not a compliment.”

Weird. What will plague them next?