‘’Moronic Bloggers’ Is Redundant,’ Says CNBC Hostess


CNBC’s Charlies Gasparino doesn’t ordinarily have the time to listen to people who don’t matter on Wall Street. But this one website, Zero Hedge, sticks in his craw. Every time he says something vaguely charitable about Goldman Sachs, see, this blogger there writes about him like he’s on the take from the company. Like he, Chas, is colluding with them. Never mind that roughly 90 to 100 percent of what Zero Hedge writes about is someone or other conspiring with Goldman Sachs, Gasparino felt he needed to set the record straight by administering a good, old-fashioned, Brooklyn-style smack down: “I get these moronic bloggers writing about me … especially this one idiot at Zero Intelligence,” he says. As compared to Dennis Kneale’s recent rants about the same blog, it was pretty tame. But then Gasparino’s ace cohort, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, stepped in and upped the ante. “‘Moronic bloggers’ is redundant,” she chirped, apparently forgetting that a number of her former colleagues at the Times are currently employed as such or that Gasparino himself has been known to dabble in Internet name-calling, not to mention the oft-cited lesson, “Picking on kids smaller than you only to makes you look like a bully and/or insecure.” Then she added for good measure: “He’s probably not as handsome as you, either.” Oh, Michelle. As we used to say in middle school, which is where this kind of behavior belongs, “That’s mature.”

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