North Korea: Hillary Clinton Looks Like ‘Pensioner Going Shopping’


Last week, after Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned America that he would "strike [us] in the face so hard [we] will lose your way home!" we remarked that we sort of wished our own leaders would be a little more honest and talk a little more trash. Hillary Clinton, an avid reader of Daily Intel, clearly took heed, and at the start of an Asian regional conference which included North Korea, she said that the rogue regime's bids for attention shouldn't be taken seriously. "Maybe it's the mother in me," she said. "The experience I've had with small children and teenagers and people who are demanding attention: Don't give it to them." It was a pretty direct thing to say, and got her message across very effectively. But then North Korea responded today, just as honestly. From the Guardian:

"We cannot but regard Mrs Clinton as a funny lady as she likes to utter such rhetoric, unaware of the elementary etiquette in the international community," a foreign ministry statement said. "Sometimes she looks like a primary schoolgirl and sometimes a pensioner going shopping."

Ah, yeah, see, that's not exactly the kind of honesty that gets a point across. Except, of course, that Clinton was exactly right about the country behaving like "small children and teenagers."

North Korea calls Clinton 'a pensioner going shopping' [Guardian UK]