NYC So Safe It Doesn’t Merit Federal Cop Funding


A billion dollars from the federal stimulus package that was dedicated to boosting local police departments in order to avoid layoffs was doled out this week, and the NYPD didn’t make the cut. The reason? Because New York has a low crime rate, a large police force, and a well-managed budget. In other words, because they are doing a good job. “To punish our police department because they have driven down crime with fewer resources shows the backwards incentive system that is sometimes at work in Washington,” ranted Mayor Bloomberg. Out of the 7,000 municipalities that applied for the funding, only 1,000 received them — including Philadelphia, which got enough money to fill or keep at least 50 jobs. Considering that we didn’t even get enough money to save one cop, does that mean Philly is at least 50 times sketchier than New York? Eh, we’ll buy that.