Park Slope Parents Unsurprisingly on Cutting Edge of New Neuroses


The road to progress can be bumpy. The YMCA in Park Slope recently changed the name of its “Mommy and Me” class to “Parent and Baby,” the Times informs us today, because a lot of dads had started showing up to it. (Also, this being Park Slope, they also changed it from the weird first person, which was smart, because hello, babies can’t talk.) Part of the reason more dads are hanging with their kids is the recession, and the fact that everyone in Park Slope is a freelancer, the Times says — but also, they note, there has been a “generational attitude shift concerning fathering,” which in this highly concentrated area of overthinky white people results in new fathers having neuroses such as this:

Some worry that since they aren’t breastfeeding, they may not “be bonding as much” with the baby, she said.

Really? That’s a thing? Well at least there’s a solution!

Really? That’s a thing? Well at least there’s a solution!

Yes, the Manary Gland! There’s finally a market! We’re getting in on the ground floor of this one.

Who’s That With Baby at the Y? Why, It’s Daddy [City Room/NYT]