Pat Buchanan and Rachel Maddow Demonstrate Why You and Your Grandpa Will Never Understand Each Other


It’s almost not worth explaining the flaws in Patrick Buchanan’s logic in this clip from last night’s Rachel Maddow show, in which the right-wing commentator explains that affirmative action is bad because the Declaration of Independence was written by “100 percent white men.” Except that when you watch it, you kind of want to scream out loud at him through your computer. In this mini-debate over whether Sonia Sotomayor is qualified to serve on the Supreme Court, Maddow early on detects that Buchanan is about to go on a really questionable rant, and allows him to steer the conversation toward the topic of affirmative action in general, rather than the specific qualifications of Sotomayor, whom he clearly knows little about that he didn’t read in the comments section of Once fixed on the topic, Buchanan lets himself get more and more worked up about the fact that minorities and women are taking advantage of the system to get ahead in America, which isn’t fair because white men only got 200 years to take advantage of it for just themselves. But really, the conversation between Maddow and Buchanan is more of an awesomely simple explanation for why you liberal yuppies and your Jim Beam–smelling white grandpas (or, if you are not white, a Jim Beam–smelling gramps of your choice) will never understand one another. He just does not comprehend why a group should ever get special treatment, and you just do not comprehend what he thinks he’s seeing when he looks in a mirror.

Pat Buchanan Thinks White Men Deserve So Much More [Gawker]