PC and Jessie Barred From Vodka Party for Being Underage


Watching NYC Prep, you’d think that the young stars had access to any party they’d want to go to, regardless of the fact that they are all underage. At the launch party for Three-O Vodka (their slogan is “Show us your O-face”) hosted by Kim Kardashian at Greenhouse last night, this theory was disproved. Jessie and PC from the show turned up and tried in vain to join their friend Ally Zarin from The Real Housewives of New York inside. Publicists refused to let them in because they were underage — even though Zarin, who also is not yet 21, was partying away inside. Jessie, wearing a gray tank and black skirt, and PC, wearing a short-sleeve dress shirt and excessive hair gel, were embarrassingly left outside on the sidewalk. Luckily, we were standing by as the awkwardness ensued.

Ally was outside the club, near the door, avoiding eye contact with the pair but trying to help out by texting someone. “Hey, can we get in?” Jessie yelled, as PC acted flustered and annoyed, standing behind her and mumbling under his breath. After a couple of minutes of waiting around and the bodyguard standing in front of them, the clipboard girl at the door is apparently told by higher-ups that publicity for her vodka client regarding NYC Prep kids getting turned away from the party is better than publicity about them drinking there. “No! No! They can’t get in!” she yelps. PC huffs, “I’m outta here,” and turns on his heel and leaves. Ally and Jessie follow.

We later e-mailed with Ally, who said they ended up at Via dei Mille. “It was fun,” apparently. But not as fun as watching that go down, we’d wager.