Robert Pattinson Is Being Hunted by New York’s Ladies


While the Jackson men want Michael’s funeral to be one big musical, showbizzy homage to the King of Pop, the Jackson ladies, including Janet and La Toya, would prefer a religious affair that won’t “descend into a circus.” Madonna, meanwhile, paid tribute to Michael Jackson during her concert Saturday in London. Madge also spent the 4th taking Mercy on her first visit to the Kabbalah Centre in London, along with her four other kids and a slew of nannies. And speaking of London, Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint has contracted swine flu, but says he’ll be well enough to attend the latest Potter premiere tomorrow. Bald model Amber Rose just signed a deal with the Ford agency, gushing that it’s “proof that when you work hard, good things do happen.” By working hard we guess she means dating Kanye and hanging out with other celebrities, like Chris Brown, with whom she was spotted at Diddy and Ashton Kutcher’s July 4 White Party in Beverly Hills. Turns out Robert Pattinson is too studly for his own good and can’t wait to get back to Britain. He’s “terrified” by the way the Big Apple’s ladies have been throwing themselves at him, and stayed at two different hotels over four days just to avoid his crazed fans.

Lady Gaga stripped and groped herself at Heaven in London. Rihanna sported sequined star-shaped nipple covers at Tao in Vegas with Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Josh Duhamel and Fergie got a stripper pole as a wedding gift, which he uses more than she does. Adrian Grenier bodyboarded in Malibu while Charlize Theron played fetch with her dog. Mayor Bloomberg gazed at July 4 fireworks with Police Chief Ray Kelly, Matthew Modine, and West Wing alum Richard Schiff from a party aboard the Intrepid aircraft carrier. Sarah Jessica Parker has her sights set on Brooklyn. Her production company optioned Amy Sohn’s novel, Prospect Park West, for a half-hour series with HBO. David Arquette is peeved that Aaron Stanford beat him to the role of Pyro in X-Men 2 and 3. Rumer Willis will play a “spunky lesbian named Gia” on an upcoming 90210 episode.

Russell Crowe tried to sneak into a better seat mid-match at Wimbledon yesterday until he was halted by a Royal Navy security guard. Seems like Hugh Jackman will be making a Vogue cameo. He and Anna Wintour were the latest power pair to hit up Twelfth Night at Central Park’s Delacorte Theater, as Wintour smirked, “We’re doing something with Hugh … but it’s too soon to elaborate.” James Lipton is eager to have Bradley Cooper on Inside the Actors Studio, since Cooper is the first grad of Lipton’s Actors Studio Drama School to hit stardom. Brad Pitt’s custom-made motorcycle died on him mid-ride, and he apparently hauled back to his L.A. gated community on foot. Though we’re highly skeptical of this story since no one walks in L.A. And especially not Brad Pitt.