Rockettes Will Perform This Year and Every Year “For the Foreseeable Future”


Madison Square Garden spokesman Barry Watkins is testy about a CityFile story this morning, which alleges Cablevision’s Jim Dolan is “contemplating a final curtain call for the legendary Rockettes” after a year of bad ticket sales. “This story is fundamentally false, completely irresponsible, and preposterous on its face,” he told Daily Intel, adding that more than 1 million people saw the show in New York City in 2008, in addition to millions around the country. “The Radio City Christmas Spectacular will go on this year and every year for the foreseeable future,” he said. “We anticipate 2009 will be a successful season and look forward to creating memories for families for years to come.”

Former Post writer Teri Buhl stands by her story. “Sourcing is strong from inside the show,” she tells us. “I have two sources.” Well, then.

Jim Dolan To Kill Christmas In July? [Cityfile]