Ruth Madoff's New Life


Earlier this week, Judge Denny Chin gave Ruth Madoff her passport back. It had been confiscated, along with her apartments and her piano and her $36,000 sable fur coat. Personally, if we were Ruth, once we had that thing back in our hands we'd have headed straight to JFK, purchased the first ticket overseas, and used our $2.5 million to create an entirely different life under an assumed name. Like Alexandra von Noodleston. Or Evelyn Rhodes. We'd live in a garret in a lively ethnic neighborhood and take a handsome foreign lover, and though he would beg us to tell him about our past, we'd insist on remaining mysteriously silent about it. Also, we'd have bangs, and a trench coat, and a wardrobe full of amazing lingerie, and sad, worldly eyes. But we digress. Apparently, Ruth is considering staying in Manhattan! Today's Post reports that "her broker" took a look this week at a one-bedroom in the Trafalgar House, a fifteen-story building at 120 E. 90th Street.

The fixer-upper is in serious need of renovations. The hardwood floors are crying out to be refinished and repaired, the ceiling is missing large chunks of plaster, the walls are scuffed, the paint is peeling paint, and the cramped kitchen features orange linoleum on the floor and yellow Formica counters.

Well, at least we got the garret part right.

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