Sebastian Stan Made Sure He Had Lots of Stuff in His Teeth When He Kissed Blake Lively


If you saw our pictures of the other day's shoot of Gossip Girl, you've already likely sussed out that in season three, we are probably going to find out what happened between Serena and Carter Baizen in Santorini, because one photo was of the two of them kissing. Sebastian Stan, the actor that plays — sorry, wrong word — inhabits the character of Carter Baizen and who dates Blair (or Leighton Meester, as we suppose she is known in "real life"), spoke to People about how he prepared for the scene with his girlfriend's alleged rival.

“I try to stick to apples and pears that get stuck in my teeth to get it more interesting,” he said.

Ha! Nice try, but certainly it is no match for the lady's burrito breath. Carter also said his character will be further explored in the upcoming season, and that indeed, we will learn about his past with Serena.

“His whole background involves Serena’s character," he said. "It’s different from the other relationships on the show.”

Different how? Like their parents used to be in love and were torn asunder by their families? Hmmm, no, that's already been explored. Like they might be brother and sister? Hmmm, no again. Or maybe he's her mother's love child? No ... or they were together with a guy who OD-ed, and ran away instead of being questioned by the police, and he has been blackmailing her? No? Well, gosh, what other kinds of relationships are left? The only thing left is that Sebastian ... is maybe Serena's clone?

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