Secret Den of Drugs and Booze Discovered Under State Capitol


For the past five years, a janitor and a supervisor have racked up $28,400 in overtime by maintaining a secret party room, or “man cave,” where they would smoke weed, drink, and nap while they were claiming to work. The space was underground, right in the middle of the Capitol complex, and “featured couches, a television and DVDs, a refrigerator, and rolling papers and scales to weigh marijuana.” Louis Marciano (the supervisor) and Gary Pivoda even sold drugs to colleagues while down there, occasionally using state vehicles to make weed deliveries when they weren’t making them within the building. The room was discovered at the height of the State Senate chaos in the past few weeks.

An all-hours party spot where weed is abundantly available, at the heart of Albany’s Capitol complex? Sorry, we know this is obvious and all, but we’ll just say it: This. Explains. Everything.

Man cave’ workers got overtime [Times Union via NYT]