Senate Democrats Want Civility From Slave Driver Mike Bloomberg


The battle between Senate Democrats and Mayor Bloomberg over mayoral control of the schools is getting nastier. Following up on Bloomberg's impassioned, Yiddish-infused radio interview on Friday, a group of ten senators gathered on the steps of City Hall yesterday to blast Hizzoner for his supposed unwillingness to negotiate and the caustic tone he's injected into the debate. Hiram Monseratte objected to Bloomberg describing the Senate's actions as meshugenah. Pedro Espada said the impasse was all about fostering a "real civil tone." And Kevin Parker complained that Bloomberg "has to stop the slanderous attacks against us." After all, how will anyone reach a compromise on this important issue if Bloomberg insists on vilifying his adversaries? Thank God the Senate Democrats, at least, are keeping it civil, or all hope would be lost. Right, Senator Bill Perkins?

On Sunday, Senator Bill Perkins of Harlem accused the mayor of “treating us like we’re some people on his plantation.”


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