Standard Hotel Calls for Nude Photos


By now anybody who has visited the High Line (especially at night) has probably heard about, or seen, the sex show that goes on nightly through the windows of the towering Standard Hotel. Of course, this is what hotelier André Balazs intended all along (how else to explain the transparent shower dividers?), and he's no doubt been thrilled by all the coverage (or lack thereof). Evidence of his delight comes today from the Standard Hotel's blog, where management is not only encouraging public sex acts, but is actually asking for evidence. They're asking for photos of sex in the Standard's rooms, like this racy Purple magazine shoot (NSFW). They almost make it sound arty:

Now, we're asking YOU, our Stan D'elovely amateur pornographers to send in your most erotic photos shot at The Standard, New York. You can email them to us, or you can upload them directly to our Facebook page by tagging the pictures The Standard, New York. Whatever you do, just make sure the shots are HOT and that you get them to us in whichever way you can. It's all about sex all the time, and you're our star. Cum on over.

Like we said, almost arty.

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED! [Stan D'Arde/Standard Hotels via Cityfile]
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