Steve Cohen’s Son Saddled With Subpar Pad


Billionaire hedge-funder Steven A. Cohen recently purchased a duplex loft at 99 Warren Street for his 20-year-old son, the Observer reports, and although the place is nice enough (1,921 square feet, outdoor space, sprawling city views), it hardly measures up to the homes of his peers. As the Observer points out, the place, which cost $2.7 million, is $0.35 million less than the apartment Turkish billionaire Husnu Ozyegin purchased for his son, $5 million less than the place Time Warner's Steve Ross bought for his son, $14 million less than the townhouse Pittsburgh billionaire Henry Hillman's grandson inhabits, and $30 million less than what Hummer founder Ira Rennert paid on behalf of each of his two daughters last year. Most bitterly, Max Abelson notes,

the cost was barely a third of what Mr. Cohen spent on The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, the formaldehyde-suspended Damien Hirst shark.

Lil' Steve Junior probably always knew that Daddy loved that shark more than him.

Poor Little Rich Kids! Hedge Fund Spawn Gets $2.7 M. Duplex, Paltrier Than Princedoms of Yore [NYO]