Stephen Baldwin Files for Bankruptcy


We’d always assumed that not being the cute or the funny Baldwin brother was probably the main problem in Stephen Baldwin’s life. Now that we’ve taken a look at his finances — revealed when the actor filed for bankruptcy today — we see he has waybigger issues. Dude has been living way above the means afforded to him by his I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here paychecks. Sure, his house upstate is worth $1.1 million, but he owes a cringe-making $1.19 million on two mortgages. Plus, he owes $1,083,789 in back taxes and has more than $70,000 in credit-card debt. AND he has a tattoo of H.M., for Hannah Montana, on his shoulder, which he got so he could be on her show or something, and which the Journal helpfully informs us is worth exactly nothing. We’re sorry for Stephen, but wow: This might be the first time we’ve ever compared our finances to a celebrity’s and come out feeling better about ourselves.

Mortgage, Taxes Push Stephen Baldwin Into Bankruptcy [Bankruptcy Beat/WSJ]