Teacher-Tapping Male Model Busted in Crime Spree


We have been flummoxed by 20-year-old Hugo Boss model Joshua Walter ever since we read about his love affair with 38-year-old teacher Gina Salamino. The pair moved in together and now share a child, which cost Salamino her job last year, and cost us a bit of our sanity because, well, um, you know. Photographic evidence included in post, etc. (When the Department of Education questioned Walter about the relationship, he said, “I’m tapping that ass and there’s nothing you can do about it.” Really, he said that.) But now the story has gotten even more bewildering — Walter was recently arrested for, and later confessed to, robbing fifteen gas stations, markets, and delis in the last month. With a couple of friends, he would just walk into a place with a gun, then empty the cash register and take everybody’s money. After the arrest, victims identified the gang in a lineup.

This reemphasizes two things we already knew about male modeling: (1) Clearly it does not pay well, and (2) becoming too attached to the sight of people reacting to your beautiful face can be problematic. Especially when your side job is robbing dozens and dozens of people in the same city, and you decide not to wear a mask.