There Is Some Gay Dude Roaming the City With a Stranger Fetish We Don’t Even Understand


When we were forwarded the following post from Craigslist, we thought it sounded familiar:

I was walking my dog last night on Bank St around 11pm. and as you walked by me you let out the most vile, resonant fart i've heard in at least 2 years. it was so loud and gross that even my dog was startled and barked at you - what the eff did you eat? your fart made me notice your incredibly round, perky ass, though, which i'd love to explore in depth, so hit me up, gasmaster.

"Hit me up, gasmaster?" No way two separate people could come up with that same phrase. Last time we read it was in a very similar "Missed Connections" post from April. Now our poster appears to have had a birthday and moved his attentions downtown. Poster, if you are out there, please tell us: Are you getting responses for your ads? And if you are a viral marketer, for the love of Calvin Klein, what the hell are you trying to sell??

You farted loudly on Bank St. and my dog barked at you - m4m - 28 (West Village) [Craigslist]