This Summer, You Are Much Less Likely to Get Murdered


The rainclouds that have been systematically dampening your hair and your spirits so far this summer have a silver lining after all: It turns out that you’re much less likely to get murdered in the city during the summer if it’s raining! According to the Times, when there is an inch or more of rain in the city in the summertime, an average of three fewer people are murdered every ten days. Saturdays, traditionally the most murderous days in this town, see a decline of 25 percent in killings if it’s raining. And so far this summer has been the second wettest on record.

So, hooray! Though we realize now we’ve given you an entirely new set of worries for when it’s actually sunny — not to mention hot — this year.

In New York City, Fewer Murders on Rainy Days [NYT]