To All at USA Weekend: Who Moved Bill’s Chair?


Every now and then, a small incident — a stolen snack, perhaps, or a messy bathroom — will cause an office worker to snap, and type a note to the entire company; one that is superficially about the incident at hand but, at its core, is a lament of the degrading and frustrating nature of office life, a primal scream from behind the carpeted walls of the cubicle, and a plea for us all to treat one another with a little more respect. Here at Daily Intel, we believe these acts of bravery deserve a wider audience. Today, we bring you this plaintive plea sent "To All at USA Weekend."

I had to go looking for my chair today and found that someone had moved it into the conference room. If you’re going to borrow anyone’s furniture, please ask first and return it.


Poignant. First Bill had to suffer the end of journalism. Now, the end of civility.

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