Weiner Got Huma to Say ‘Yes’


On May 27, Anthony Weiner announced in an editorial that he would not run against Michael Bloomberg for Mayor of New York City in the fall. Back then, we wondered about the timing — everyone had suspected he’d drop out, but there was still plenty of time to keep people guessing. Now we have a hint of why he may have done it just then. He’d just proposed to his girlfriend, Huma Abedin! On May 23, according to the Post, the U.S. Congressman got down on one knee and offered to let her make an honest man out of him. Huma, who is an aide to Hillary Clinton and has been dating Weiner for over a year and a half, said yes. They’ve been a much-watched couple in Washington — Huma, 33, is a glamorous fashion plate, and Weiner, 44, is something of a Beltway playboy. (Also, he’s Jewish and she’s Muslim). Obviously, when she said yes, they had some big decisions to make, like whether to have their home base in Washington, D.C., or New York, and whether they should think about kids while planning their careers. But mostly, we’re guessing, Huma urged him to drop out of the mayoral race shortly after because let’s face it — it’s hard to make roadkill look good in a tuxedo.