After Fallujah, CNN’s Michael Ware Braves Williamsburg


Upon learning that CNN's Michael Ware, he of the sexy stubble and affair with sexy co-worker, has moved to Williamsburg, Gawker and FREEWilliamsburg searched for jokes about a grizzled Iraq correspondent braving hipsters and Hasidim. But we think this is no laughing matter. (Well, we did think of a joke about Ware's crooked nose opening more hipster bajingoes than Dov Charney's crooked, um, advertising strategy, but we deemed it unfit for print.) Seriously, this is great for Williamsburg. Check out this TVNewser quote from Ware about his PTSD:

"My body still feels like it's constantly dodging bullets," says Ware ... "Crowds can feel threatening. When I open a window, I'm looking for snipers. If somebody cuts me off in traffic, it could be the beginning of a kidnapping."

To our minds, somebody in that neighborhood who feels that way and isn't just a little too stoned is going to put a lot of things in perspective.

An International Correspondent, Based in Brooklyn [TVNewser/Mediabistro]