Andy Cohen’s ‘Get Levi Johnston Naked’ Crusade Has So Far Failed


Bravo executive Andy Cohen recently asked Levi “Sex on Skates” Johnston if he would ever pose nude, to which the gigolo from Wasilla replied: “The price would have to be right.” As we’ve reported, the offers are now up to $50,000 — if there’s man-on-man action involved. But according to Gawker, which called around, Levi and his body man Tank haven’t bitten on any of the offers. Andy! This makes us question your universal gay power. As punishment for you (and as a reward to your fans), we’re going to run a scantily clad picture of you taken this weekend and tweeted by none other than Kelly Ripa. Who, let’s be honest, attracts homos like the Barneys Warehouse Sale does after they’ve run out of square-toed shoes.