Annie Leibovitz Might Come Out of This Thing With Money to Spare


The $24 million loan photographer Annie Leibovitz borrowed against her portfolio from Art Capital Group comes due September 8, but a quickie sale of her West Village properties could get her out of her hole. According to brokers who specialize in the area, if combined, the three Greek Revival brownstones Leibovitz owns could fetch upwards of $30 million. “Where else will you get a historic building 60 feet wide in the West Village?” real-estate agent Jill Bane tells Bloomberg. “Nowhere.” But the clock is ticking: “It’s not going to sell in a week,” Bane said, and New York has far fewer rich people than it used to. “There are only a couple of hundred people I can call. Actually, maybe only a hundred.” That’s a lot of phone calls to make in a week! Especially the week before Labor Day. She better get cracking!

Leibovitz’s $40 Million Astor Barns, Townhouses Might Ease Debt [Bloomberg]

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