Another Miracle at the Meadowlands, Except Meaningless This Time


Preseason football is the worst. The starters hardly play, and the exhibition slate is considered a success not if you win, but if you can get through it without suffering any major injuries. That said, anyone who made it to the last couple minutes of last night’s Giants game against the Panthers saw the type of dramatic ending that we’d be talking about for years to come, had the game meant anything at all.

After Carolina scored with 57 seconds to play and added a two-point conversion to tie the game, the Giants went three and out and punted the ball back to the Panthers. But rather than take a knee, quarterback Hunter Cantwell dropped back to pass, got hit, and fumbled. Defensive end Tommie Hill recovered the ball and took it into the end zone with no time left on the clock, securing the Giants win. It’s not exactly Herm Edwards’s Miracle at the Meadowlands — because, again, this game didn’t count — but the full game highlights are here, and video of the crazy last play is below.