As We Suspected, High Line High Jinks Planned by Standard Staff


A few weeks ago, we heard from a security guard at the High Line that frequently, the much-hyped nude high jinks in the windows of the Standard Hotel were perpetrated by the same group of people, in the same windows, doing the same things. By the time we sent our poor intern to stake out the park for a week, though, the humpy hubbub had died down. We’ve always suspected that paying employees to romp around naked was something the Standard would do — it’s so Andre Balazs it might as well be an expensive cocktail in a plastic martini glass — and it turns out we were right. The Post talked to a bellhop at the hotel yesterday, who explained that staffers were encouraged to flash their exhibitionist sides for the benefit of onlookers on the park, street, and rooftops nearby. “We don’t discourage it. In actual fact, we encourage it,” the bellhop told the tabloid, which reported that “naked and semidressed staff members were encouraged to pose in front of the windows.” According to the man, the whole point was to create sexy buzz. “One of the managers even got naked in a room, and filmed it — they were considering a live feed for the Web site … She’s an exhibitionist, too.”

Asking your staff to appear nude in public is definitely fun! Legal? Well, worse laws have been broken in the meatpacking district