Bernard Madoff ‘Dying’ of Cancer!


The New York Post has been beating the Bernard Madoff cancer drum since the beginning of this year. And now it’s gotten several of the convicted Ponzi schemer’s fellow prison inmates from North Carolina to tell the paper that not only does Madoff have pancreatic cancer, but he’s dying from it. “He’s been taking about twenty pills a day for his cancer,” one anonymous inmate told the Post. “He talks about it all the time. He’s not doing very well.” (We have to wonder why these fellow prisoners are so intent on remaining nameless — surely Madoff isn’t the biggest tough in the yard.) He’s been telling people he does not have much longer to live, which the Post says may explain why he came clean on his Ponzi scheme and was so intent to take all the blame.

It might be time now to go back and take another look at columnist Doug Kass’s list of “possible improbables” for 2009. The investment analyst predicted that Madoff would get cancer this year, from a list of calls that have so far proved decently on the money. This is potentially bad news for Fox Business Network, whose death Kass also predicted, and the Wilpon family, which he guessed would have to sell the Mets.

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