Shocking: Bernie Madoff Cheated On His Wife


It's not that it surprises us that Bernie Madoff had an affair; if you're deceptive in one part of your life, it follows that you would be in others. What surprises us is that someone had an affair with Bernie Madoff. To be fair, Sheryl Weinstein, the former CFO of Hadassah, didn't do it with Bernie recently — but as you can see from the picture at left, he wasn't exactly oozing sex appeal twenty years ago, which is when they met. Or maybe he was? In any case, we'll soon find out, when Weinstein's book, Madoff’s Other Secret: Love, Money, Bernie, and Me, comes out later this month. Per Bloomberg:

In addition to details of the affair, the hardcover book will include photographs and some intimate descriptions of Madoff

Ew! Intimacy aside, the book doesn't sound like it's going to be particularly steamy or wistful. Weinstein and her family lost their savings and their house to Madoff, and she fully denounced him at his sentencing earlier this month:

“He is a beast that has stolen for his own needs the livelihoods, savings, lives, hopes and dreams and futures of others,” she said. “He has fed upon us to satisfy his own needs. No matter how much he takes and from whom he takes, he is never satisfied. He is an equal opportunity destroyer.”

Actually, there is something kind of hot about that.

Madoff Had Affair With Ex-Hadassah Finance Chief, Her Book Says [Bloomberg]