Bernie Madoff Was ‘Not Well-Endowed,’ According to Memoir


The Daily News rootled around in Sheryl Weinstein's memoir Madoff's Other Secret: Love, Money, Bernie, and Me in search of dirty bits, and, though it seems to be not all that salacious, they did manage to reveal one small thing. Literally!

Weinstein, who has known Madoff for two decades, said she was stunned the first time they had sex in late 1993. "... This man was not well-endowed," said Weinstein.

Huh, yeah, that's kind of what we imagined, insofar as we were imagining it at all, which obviously we weren't, because that would be gross. The memoir also reveals that Weinstein and her friends called Madoff "Winky Dink," though strangely, this appears to be unrelated to his purported microphallus. "They dubbed Madoff 'Winky Dink' because he constantly blinked his eyes nervously whenever she was around," the paper writes. That's a lot nicer than some of the names we've given our boyfriends, and they didn't even rob us of millions of dollars.

Bernie Madoff wooed, then robbed me blind, ex-mistress Sheryl Weinstein claims in steamy book [NYDN]