Bethenny Frankel and Andy Roddick Have a History


Bethenny Frankel mixed cocktails with Andy Roddick at last night’s 10th Annual Taste of Tennis party — but it was not the first time the two have met. “Years ago, before anyone remotely knew my name, I met Andy at the Super Bowl,” Frankel explained. This was when Frankel was the reporter and not the subject: “He was so real and sweet and he let me interview him for No one else would even acknowledge me, and believe me, I remember everyone who treated me like crap back then and treats me nicely now.” (We believe her.) This time, Roddick recognized Bethenny as the TV star she is. “He has seen my show and he didn’t understand why I’m a non-married housewife. I told him the night was young.” But she’s no threat to Brooklyn Decker, Roddick’s wife: “I showed him her GQ spread and told him that she was a real New York City housewife, ‘cause they just bought a pad here. [Decker] is an avid Housewives fan so she briefed him and evidently told him that I’m the coolest Housewife. Phew — I didn’t want to mess with a supermodel.” So how did Frankel find Roddick this time around? “He’s honest and funny and handsome and was the exact same endearing person that let me tape that crappy Super Bowl segment on my crappy home video camera. He’s a true gentleman.”