Bethenny Frankel: I Think We’re All Returning to Housewives

Photo: Getty Images

[This weekend we ran into Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel at the charity shopping event “Super Saturday.” We talked to her about reports that she was leaving the series to star in her own reality show.]

Are you going to have your own show?
No, I’m going to be on Housewives. Of course.

I thought you were going to have your own show?
I know. People talk. The only thing that’s true is what you read in my book.

What about the things that come out of your mouth? True, not true?
The things that come out of my mouth are always true, and sometimes too true. Oftentimes too true.

When do you start filming?
I think September.

Who’s coming back?
I think everyone’s coming back. That’s just my gut.

How did you feel about Kelly signing on early?
I mean, she jumped in the water first because she kind of wanted to resurrect her horrendous reputation. Which, you know, good luck with that. So, yeah. That happened.

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