Bill Clinton Meets Kim Jong Il

What a happy couple! Photo: AP

Pyongyang is taking as much advantage as possible of the brief period of time Bill Clinton spends in North Korea to control the flow of news. When Clinton returns to the United States and can explain what really happened, we’re sure to get some interesting stories. But for now, the government news agency there has released a few photos of the former president with the Communist leader, and described his visit thusly: “[Kim Jong Il] welcomed Clinton’s visit to the DPRK [North Korea] and had an exhaustive conversation with him. There was a wide-ranging exchange of views on the matters of common concern.” The news agency also claimed that Clinton brought a message to Kim Jong Il directly from Barack Obama, which the White House denies. Direct communication between the dictator and the sitting president is the kind of recognition the country has been desperate to receive. It has not yet been reported that Clinton has secured the release of the two imprisoned Current TV journalists, but there are signs that his visit could have positive future repercussions. One of the men to greet Clinton as he landed in North Korea was the nation’s chief nuclear negotiator.

Bill Clinton in North Korea, meets Kim Jong-il [Reuters]