Birthers Defend Obviously Fake Kenyan Obama Birth Certificate


Over the weekend, the leaders of the Birther movement forged a Kenyan birth certificate that they claim proves that Barack Obama was not born in the United States, and therefore is not legally president. Even though this was rapidly debunked, even by supporters of the Birthers, leaders like Orly Taitz, the Zsa Zsa of the lunatic fringe of the right wing, have still taken to the airwaves to proclaim victory. Of course, they’re getting an increasingly hostile reception. In this clip, watch as Taitz goes off against MSNBC hosts, calling them “offensive,” linking their behavior to Hitler’s paramilitary “brownshirts,” and proclaiming that they “will not be on TV for too long.” Watching this video, we realized that it’s not just the famous Hungarian actress and socialite that Orly reminded us of. There’s someone else close to our hearts to whom (at least vocally) she bears an uncanny resemblance. If only we could put our finger on it.

[Via Awl]