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The Gooch, timeless in marble.

white men with money

Bob Guccione’s Mansion Had Marble Columns With His Face Carved Into Them

Last night, Braswell Galleries auctioned off a number of objets from former Penthouse publisher Bob "the Gooch" Guccione's mansion at East 67th Street. Standout items included three to five carved marble toilets, a marble column sporting a carving of the publisher's face (it appears to be a younger likeness, from before the Gooch had his actual face professionally sculpted), and a pair of "decorative fire panels" featuring an unidentified woman we'll call Our Lady of Multiple Tits.

Here she is:

She went for only $100. Can you believe it? if you'd like a piece of the Gooch, the Braswell website still has a number of extremely competitively priced objects. The mansion's new owner, billionaire hedge-funder Philip Falcone, doesn't exactly need the money. He's reportedly gutted the place — presumably to make way for marble columns in his own likeness.

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Photo: Braswell Galleries