Charlie Rangel Forgot About Those Two $250,000 Accounts, Too


The ethically challenged House Ways and Means Committee chair is actually worth at least twice what he said he was in his 2007 financial disclosure. According to his original report, he was worth between $516,015 and $1,316,000. Turns out he’s actually worth at least $1,028,024 and as much as $2,495,000, according to Congressional Quarterly, which cited an amended report. Rangel “forgot,” or merely chose not to disclose, two separate accounts worth at least $250,000. That’s on top of land in southern New Jersey, Pepsi stock, and an investment in a fast-food conglomerate called “Yum! Brands.”

In some alien world, we can probably imagine $250,000 here and $250,000 there slipping our minds. But the fact that we were shareholders in the company that inflicts Long John Silver’s upon the world? That we could never forget.

Rangel’s Wealth Jumps After Disclosure [CQ]