Clumsy Plaxico Explains How He Shot Himself


In an interview to air on ESPN’s E:60 tonight, Plaxico Burress finally explains how exactly he carried a loaded gun into a Manhattan nightclub equipped with metal detectors, then shot himself in the thigh. The first part wasn’t terribly difficult: In an excerpt of the interview, he explains that he was patted down, and even though they knew he had a weapon on him, security just let him enter the club. What happened next required just the right combination of clumsiness, stupidity, and bad luck.

As he was walking up the stairs to Latin Quarter’s VIP room, he missed a step, and his gun began to slide down his leg. He didn’t want it to hit the floor (that could be dangerous!), so he reached for it — and unfortunately grabbed it right on the trigger. Why didn’t he have it in a holster? “Bad judgment,” he says. He did clear up one thing, though: He wasn’t actually wearing sweatpants, as had been reported. He was wearing black jeans. If that’s the case, we’d like to extend a sincere apology to the sweatpants manufacturers of America for maligning your wonderful products, which are apparently no more dangerous than a pair of jeans when it comes to concealing a weapon. The excerpt of his interview with Jeremy Schapp is below.