Condé Nast Cost-Cuts Receptionists


McKinsey Phase Two: First the newspaper subscriptions went out the window, and now we’re hearing that it’s actual bodies (so to speak). Word among nervous Nasty editors is that what few full-time receptionists were still around (not all titles still had them) are being let go, and that their last day is Friday. (Gawker is hearing similar fuss.) We’ve not yet heard back from Condé for confirmation or comment, but if this is indeed the plan, what will happen? Will visitors just stumble off the elevator and wander toward the big Glamour sign or whatever and run into the glass door? And who’s going to divert the considerable number of crazies who call the magazines’ main numbers? Graydon’s team doesn’t have time for that crap; they’ve got reservations to take.

But seriously: Subscriptions and receptionists are pretty insignificant in terms of expenses. If this is how they’re going to save a sinking mother ship, we’d start loading women and children into the lifeboats right about now. Eesh.