Craig Anthony Miller Will Probably Not Become a Republican Rallying Hero


On the cover of this morning’s New York Times, Pennsylvania resident Craig Anthony Miller is photographed howling at Senator Arlen Specter: “You are trampling on our Constitution!” He seemed pretty genuinely upset, both about politics and also over the fact that he’d just been manhandled by some “Democratic goon.” All in all, it’s pretty much as good a photo op as health-care-opposing Republicans could hope for. Last night we wondered whether he would become the Joe the Plumber of the August recess. Then we watched him this morning on Dylan Ratigan’s Morning Meeting on MSNBC. Basically, the man shouldn’t be on television. It’s painful to watch — not because the guy looks like a complete idiot or anything, but because he looks terrified. And confused and sad. “I wanted to discuss how, how the president has broken his oath of office,” Miller stammers to Ratigan (who, to his credit, set aside his bully act for a bit). “I have a list of 31 czars. By just naming them czars he’s broken the oath. Breaking the oath is major. He should keep that oath for the four years.” The segment lasted for eight minutes, roughly seven and a half of which were paralyzingly awkward. Hopefully this poor guy’s fifteen minutes are up.